Piping Techniques To Create Gorgeous Cakes
Every chef is expected to master many different cutting techniques. There is a good reason to why you are being taught on knife work on your very first day in culinary school or your first job starting as a cook in the kitchen.Read more
Piping Techniques To Create Gorgeous Cakes
Baking a cake to perfection is just half the journey, because when you’ve got a perfect cake baked out, it’s only going to look gorgeous once decorated with attractive icings on it or rather in baker’s terms, using exquisite piping techniques. Read more
Where in the world are Cilantro Culinary Academy alumni?
The whole reason we seek an excellent education is because we hope to secure a career of our choosing in the future. Universally, everyone tries their hardest to achieve a career as fulfilling as possible, one that speaks to both passion and pocket. Read more
Style in Sustenance: The 5 Basics of Plating
You could throw in some roast chicken, slap a few scoops of rice and toss some vegetables on a plate and call it dinner, sure. Perhaps you may want to up your game next time you prepare a meal for your lover or when you have guests over. Read more
Why I Chose to Go to Culinary and Pastry School
With over a decade of teaching experience, Cilantro Culinary Academy is not only known as the largest private vocational culinary and pastry academy in Malaysia, but it is also recognised globally by World Association of Chefs' Societies (Worldchefs) for delivering high standards of quality culinary education to students. Read more
5 Easy Recipes for Busy People
Today, many of us are leading a very hectic and fast-paced lifestyle, where time is preciously kept to process only the important things in our daily tasks, so much so that we even skip cooking meals once or twice a day to save time. Read more
10 Inexpensive Edible Gift Ideas
Searching for the right gift to be presented to your loved ones can be a daunting task, especially with a small budget. So why not go for something genuine yet inexpensive at the same time ? Read more
Facts You Need To Know When Cooking With Wine
Cooking with wine is quite simple. The rule of thumb is, if you won’t drink it, don’t cook with it. It does not have to be expensive or premium wine, but it should be wine you would serve your family and friends. Read more

The ABCs Of Creating A Perfect Pie Crust
When you sink your fork into a slice of pie, nothing tantalises your expectations to the start of a good meal more than the crisp sound of the crust parting to reveal its filling of ingredients, whether savoury or sweet, to be relished by your palate with satisfaction. Read more

5 Essential Kitchen Skills Every Chef Should Master
The journey of every world-leading chef starts at the base of every pot, pan or chopping board. It is of utmost importance that your kitchen basics are diligently practiced and perfected before you can achieve ‘Master Chef’ status. Read more

5 Key Characteristics of a Successful Chef
Throughout our lives we are fascinated by the likes of celebrity chefs on television, from Gordon Ramsay to Jamie Oliver. We admire them and even dream to be like them every now and then, but the reality seems as if it’s too far-fetched for us to really achieve. Read more
Turn the spot light on you
Ever wonder that you are in the spotlight where you dream of running a kitchen or flipping an omelette on television. If food is, your passion and you are considering a future as a chef, food writer…Read more

The road not taken
Have you ever had the urge to know how a dish is being prepared? Why does the smell of the dish is marvellous? Love to explore various types of food? If the …Read more

What will I do in the future?
A Culinary Chef and a Pastry Chef wears many hats, artist, craftsman, mathematician, scientist and engineer. In this profession, you will need to weigh as well as mixing and producing confectionary …Read more

Thinking of your future
Plan to advance your career into Food and Beverage industry? Let’s the expert turn your passion into an artistic career at Cilantro Culinary Academy. As a fresh SPM leaver, some may be wondering what to do …Read more

Winning medals at international level!
Cilantro Culinary Academy proudly announce that our student’s achievement in winning medals for the international culinary and pastry competitions…Read more

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