10 Inexpensive Edible Gift Ideas


Searching for the right gift to be presented to your loved ones can be a daunting task, especially with a small budget. So why not go for something genuine yet inexpensive at the same time? You can get creative by using food as little gifts that will impress all of your friends and family. Besides, nobody will ever turn down a tasty treat that is perfectly packaged!

Spread the culinary cheer with 10 of these sweet and savoury edible gift ideas.

1. Hot Chocolate Stirrers
Regardless of whether you’re using semi-sweet, milk or dark chocolate, die hard chocolate fans would be delighted to receive this as a gift. The most amazing thing about these is that the texture of the final product closely resembles chocolate fudge on a stick, when made right. Stir it into hot milk for a deliciously indulgent and hot beverage, the perfect kick-start to any morning.

2. Fruit And Nut Bark
A sweet, salty, crunchy and chewy delight that transforms your favourite trail mix into a guilt-free candy bar. Stud in dried fruits and nuts to beautifully cover the layered surface of swirled chocolates for that added texture and bite. The ultimate go-to snack that breaks easily, pairing well with a robust cup of coffee.

3. Peanut Butter Fudge
Skip the baking as this delicious peanut butter fudge recipe will only take you minutes to get it done and requires zero kitchen skills. The secret to the perfect fudge is powdered sugar, as this dissolves into the mixture with smoother consistency. Tweak up flavours using Nutella, dark chocolate or salted caramel for another batch of no-bake fudgy goodness.

4. Banana Oatmeal Cookies
Present this to any of your health-conscious friends as this absolutely guilt-free snack will get them coming back for seconds. The softer the cookie, the better, making for a delicious breakfast along with a cold glass of milk. What makes the banana oatmeal cookie so great is that you can omit sugar without worrying if it will taste bland. The smell and taste of bananas alone can be invigorating and enhance the experience.

5. Double Dipped Strawberries
Dipped strawberries aren’t just about Valentine’s day, but a truly decadent edible gift suitable for any occasion. Something simplistic yet when it is done right, they will always turn out beautiful. An elegant treat, why not try fresh, firm and sweet strawberries dipped in melted chocolate, garnished in cookie crumbs, crushed nuts or drizzled with more chocolate.

6. Chocolate-Chip Muffins
A no-fuss and unbelievably delicious sweet treat with crisp exterior and soft, buttery insides. Tell your friend to forget about that muffin top as one could not resist a bite of the moist chocolate chip muffin. A real classic and versatile snack eaten at any time of the day, keeping both kids and adults happy in the tummy.

7. Bean Soup Mix
From lentils to white beans, this is perfect for vegan friends and those who enjoy slurping a hearty bowl of hot soup on a rainy day. Unlike cookie jar gifts, the dry ingredients layered in this will not go stale in storage due to its long life span. Make ahead this bean soup mix presented gorgeously in a mason jar especially for holiday giving.

8. Curry Blend Spice
Curry comes in various blends and everyone likes savouring a curry dish every now and then. Create your own curry powder blend using simple ingredients like turmeric, cumin, cayenne pepper, ground ginger and ground coriander. Store them into an airtight glass jar as this helps preserve its flavour.

9. Homemade Kaya Spread
A popular coconut custard in Southeast Asia, often eaten on toast for breakfast. This dreamy spread comprises of Malaysia’s very own staple, a thick and luxurious blend of coconut cream, eggs, palm sugar and fragrant pandan leaves. Avoid buying it off the shelf where it contains preservatives; a homemade version leaves a fresher, caramel taste which anyone would gladly receive.

10. Sambal Belacan
Savoury and deliciously spicy, in Malaysia, no meal is complete without a spoonful of chilli paste. Ideal for those with a raging appetite for some spice in their life, plus it is extremely easy to make. Traditionally, cili padi is pounded along with belacan using a marbled pestle and mortar until it turns into a rough paste. You can find more inspiration on local delights here.

Nothing beats seeing the smile of your loved ones upon receiving one of these edible gifts. The best part? Not needing to spend a fortune to brighten up someone’s day, while practicing your skills in the kitchen to help you get one step further to being a pro!

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