5 Easy Recipes for Busy People

Today, many of us are leading a very hectic and fast-paced lifestyle, where time is preciously kept to process only the important things in our daily tasks, so much so that we even skip cooking meals once or twice a day to save time.

So for lunch or dinner, we do take-outs while we simply whip up a quick snack for breakfast. This sequence can probably stretch for a few days, until we start to have yearnings for a delicious home-cooked meal to replace our take-out lunches or dinners.

When we think of the cooking process that can sometimes involve a mile-long list of ingredients and a cavern of time that needs to be spent in the kitchen to produce a meal, it is easier to just surrender to your tired mind and opt to drop by an eatery and take-out food.

However, here are 5 easy recipes that minimize preparation or cooking time that can help sustain your cravings for a nice home-cooked meal that even your loved ones can enjoy.

Perfect for busy people who are also health conscious, this list of quick and healthy recipes ensure that you won’t need to cheat on your diet with burgers and fries or pay dearly for online delivery catering to expensive low-carb meals.

1. Chicken salad

For one serving, simply slice, cook or pan-fry a chicken breast over the stove and while the meat is cooking, dice a tomato, red onion and prepare some grated cheese. Place lettuce in serving plate and then add all the ingredients. Top with your favourite salad dressing.

This recipe gives you the opportunity to add or swap ingredients according to your preference. You may substitute chicken with beef or fish; or swap tomato with corn kernels. Simple and easy.

2. Meatball sandwich

Whenever you’re having spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, simply keep about five meatballs and some sauce aside. And for your next meal, simply cut a baguette or preferred bread and fill it with meatballs. This quick and easy recipe is so fast and delicious that you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it before.

3. Lunch platter

Nothing is easier than preparing a meal using ready-made ingredients. It saves time and cost and you could simply mix and match according to your personal palate. Throwing in your preferred crackers, cubed or sliced cheese, deli meat and fresh fruit of your choice, this recipe is reasonably cheap and a healthier choice compared to a serving from a fast food joint.

4. Healthy wrap

One quick and satisfying recipe is to create a big wrap. Pop in and grab some ready-made wraps in the supermarket that now comes in so many choices - wholegrain, wholemeal, onion, cheese or herbs – along with cooked chicken pieces or meat of your choice, cherry tomatoes, lettuces or leafy greens, avocado, cheese and mayonnaise.

Lay out the wrap, apply a layer of mayonnaise, add in the ingredients (try not to overfill), roll it up tight and you’re ready to dig in!

5. Toasted sandwich
Sandwiches are ridiculously easy to make and fast to prepare. All you need is 2 slices of bread and filling of your choice. Deli meats, tuna, cheese or cucumbers, it just takes 5 minutes to create your sandwich and toast it.

Pressed for time

All the recipes above are perfect for busy people on-the-go and represent a healthy alternative to big, heavy meals. You can even prepare it for an office lunch or snack so that you’ll be equipped with delicious nutritious food at the busiest times of the day. 

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If you’re really keen to explore the culinary chef hidden inside of you, you may want to read 5 Key Characteristics of a Successful Chef to help develop your latent cooking talents.

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