Why I Chose to Go to Culinary and Pastry School

Why I Chose to Go to Culinary School?
With over a decade of teaching experience, Cilantro Culinary Academy is not only known as the largest private vocational culinary and pastry academy in Malaysia, but it is also recognised globally by World Association of Chefs' Societies (Worldchefs) for delivering high standards of quality culinary education to students.

Let’s take a moment to have a peek at what a few of our alumni have said about their studying experiences in Cilantro Culinary Academy.

Friendly Learning Environment
Yeoh Xiu Chorng
Diploma in Patisserie (graduated in 2016) 
Commis 3 in Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Silver medallist for the FHM 2013 Culinaire Malaysia


In the space of 2 years at Cilantro, Yeoh has learnt a whole lot and the learning experience was second to none on a day-to-day basis. At first, Yeoh dived into Cilantro like a caterpillar and now he has grown into a full-blown butterfly. The bond between kitchen staff and chefs was strong, reducing the chances of tension often experienced in the high-intensity environment of the kitchen. Despite all the stress and pressure that is bound to hit boiling point, everyone kept their eyes on the prize, stayed supportive, and helped each other to succeed. Yeoh said, “The chefs, they guided us so we could find a way to seize the day; never go astray as only change was there to stay … but we must have faith in ourselves and most importantly, faith in people that had failed. We had endured the intense heat, gained imperishable strength.”

Support You All the Way
Kallaivany Mammaran
Diploma in Patisserie (graduated in 2016) 
Serving Crew in Sakae Sushi
Silver medallist for the FHM 2013 Culinaire Malaysia


From the bottom of Kallaivany’s heart, she is ever so grateful for the patience and generosity of her mentors to share industry knowledge and experience with her. Kallaivany said, “It is an honour to gain knowledge and skills from them and as they always say ‘Practice makes perfect.’” Upon graduation, Kallaivany showcased the valuable lessons learned and new skills from her training, by winning a silver medal in the culinary competition. Kallaivany said, “Cilantro Culinary Academy has been a stepping stone in my career. My choice to join Cilantro Culinary Arts had widened my knowledge in Patisserie and polished my practical skills.”

Quitters Never Win, Winners Never Quit
Desmond Goh Eng Oon
Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking (graduated in 2013) 
Diploma in Patisserie (graduated in 2015) 
Assistant Pastry Chef in C Project
Silver medallist for the FHA 2014 Culinary Challenge Singapore
Gold medallist for the FHM 2013 Culinaire Malaysia

The experience in Cilantro has given Desmond more than just knowledge and skills, it has taught him to show great discipline and push his limits. “They put me through hardship, pressure and lots of training, and I got scolded, criticised, distracted, encouraged and trained within its wall … I’ve achieved something I never thought I would, and be the person I am today,” said Desmond. He was taught to never give up and keep pushing on even though setbacks are inevitable, and that every mistake is a lesson learnt. In the words of Desmond, “Under pressure, we bloom like a flower in the dawn.”

Start your journey with Cilantro today and we will guarantee you support all the way. Alternatively, if you’re not ready to make a big commitment yet, try out our Career Discovery Programme to explore and discover yourself on our courses!

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